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Eco-Friendly brands we love

More and more brands are hurdling on the eco-friendly movement. You would have noticed several of the major brands devoting their strengths to make more environmentally friendly products and become accustomed to more green production procedures. It might seem intimidating to highlight the brands who are aiming to make the world a greater place. Providentially, there are several eco-friendly brands currently for those who want to acquire eco-friendly product for their personal improvements.

Here are some of the best ecofriendly brands:


Initiated by the power couple Ali Hewsonand Bono, Edun was formed putting the purpose of sustainability in mind. Not only does the brand aids the development of Africa's economy by boosting trade and obtaining creation from the continent, but it's dedicated to creating prospects for ecological-minded habits in the classiest way possible. The brand is aware that eco creativities are crucial for today’s consumer and it is necessary for us to be to be watchful of our entire environment. It's no surprise that Edun is one of the best eco-friendly brands, creating trend-led products with the natural environment in mind.


Stella McCartney's eponymous policy is, “eco-fashion at its finest in essence.” The brand has been forthright at all-time about its animal-free inventions and its objective to be more sustainable. To commence, her London warehouses are driven by wind energy, and her extremely fashionable platform accents are made from attested sustainable wood and renewable assets.


AMUR is grounded in NYC considers that virtuous style does not have to compromise the natural environment. The director Sofia Shannon strongly believes that nature is a vital indulgence. This brand is all organic, natural, reclaimed, and of course, stylish fabric. The brilliant prints and shrill tailoring of Amur's designs attest that fashion can be both eco-friendly and sophisticated. What makes the brand different is that it let consumers modify purchases according to their desired resources.

West Elm

West Elm is well-known for their home decor and furniture throughout the world and now they make eco-friendly collections too. Their FSC-certified collections from filing cabinet to detached shelves reaffirm their devotion to sustainability and wood conservation. With a love of accountable retail and attractive, contemporary design, West Elm provides hundreds of choices for those of us who love the environment.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel wants you to construct a home that displays sustainability and esteem for the environment really well. Their collections include FSC-certified pieces such as the bar stool or Adler bookcase, alongside with hundreds of other reliably sourced products. Furthermore, they provide a range of bamboo-made products, made from one of the most sustainable trees in the world.

Alima Pure

All Alima Pure products are formulated with slight constituents for all-out effect. Alima finds the utmost natural quality and richest constituents, and they never make use of artificial dyes or tests on animals. Their assorted shades and their devotion to unbending natural and organic beauty makes them stand out among other brands.