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Is a french association (law of 1901) created at the end of 2018

With our care program you can sponsor kids from Madagascar

and Pakistan in order to give them access to education

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Dans le système scolaire malgache de nombreux enfants ne sont pas scolarisés,  un quart des enfants en âge d’aller à l’école primaire, n’y va pas. L’Unicef estime à 1 million, le nombre d’enfants exclus du système scolaire. 



Au Pakistan un ensemble de problèmes économiques, politiques et sécuritaires a affecté le secteur de l'éducation. Les filles des zones rurales et les enfants issus des familles aux revenus les plus faibles sont les plus susceptibles de ne pas être scolarisés. 

At young age, children in countries like Pakistan and Madagascar are more independent and resourceful than in other developed countries. They do a lot by themselves, are ready to face difficulties and hard realities, they work, they do duties and take care of their younger siblings. They are smarter and stronger. They deserve at least equal opportunities as other kids, to learn, grow and invest in a better life / future. That is why we want to help them.

This help will be done in all transparency and you’ll be able to follow kids all along the process by staying in touch with them and the family. 

5% on every product/service you will sell or buy on our app will be dedicated to ARTY NETWORK CARE 's actions. So 1/4 of our commission. Helping children going to school is our priority.

Arty Network Care ancre
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